Sunday, February 26, 2017

The latest album by Lady Gaga offers people with some interesting tracks which people should listen further. They will get a big inspiration from the track because it becomes the representation of moment which is experienced by many people. People might pay a great attention to the title track of the album, Perfect Illusion but there are more and more things which can be explored in the album including from lady gaga come to mama track.
People must not forget the brief fact about Lady Gaga who is also the Mother Monster. Let’s say that she is the mother for the Little Monsters all around the world. Little Monsters can be just her fans but there are so many of them in the world and of course the same issue can be found all around the world especially about the increase of violence. People share a hope that there is no more violence in the world because people just want to tell other people about the way to love. At least, this is the come to mama meaning which people can get.

From this track, Mother Monster really want to tell people about her hopes for the future which is free from the violence so people are not kept in the prisons.

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