Sunday, February 26, 2017

Joanne is special name for Lady Gaga of course. She was her aunt but her life story made Gaga use her name as the title of her latest album which was released in 2016. There is more and more special thing which can be found from this album after all. People usually recognize Lady Gaga as the queen of dance music but she has much more talent. In Joanne album, people can get a feel of lady gaga country album.
Country maybe is not kind of common genre of music which can be found from her former album but Joanne album really explored more music than before. Perfect Illusion as the title track of the album is pretty surprising because it has more rock feel compared to the previous tracks. People can also get the lady gaga country song feels in Million Reasons track. This song tells about something in relationship which is experienced by anyone in the world. It is about the difficulty for walking away from someone.

It seems like Lady Gaga knows this very well like everyone does. The song writing was done by Lady Gaga and Hillary Lindsey who is a famous country song writer. There is no doubt that country feel can be found in this track greatly.

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