Sunday, February 26, 2017

Super Bowl surely becomes the game which is the most popular in the United States of America. However, we can make sure that it can be more than that because people from all around the world are waiting for its Halftime show even though they do not really like the game. Yes, the Halftime of the Super Bowl usually will be filled with performance of great artists in the entertainment industry. In 2017, people were absorbed to the halftime show because there was Lady Gaga who became part of the show.

She was there for singing the national anthem of the United States and people can imagine how great the song can be when it is song by Mother Monster. The crowd is getting wilder when Lady Gaga sang the next song with the most incredible performance which people have ever seen probably. There is no doubt that it was super amazing because it made the largest tweets. Those are some reasons which make people want to watch the game but we can make sure that lady gaga commercial also becomes another reason.

Lady Gaga appeared in commercial for Tiffany & Co. It is not kind of common commercial because it is more like short movie about Lady Gaga life.
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